Do you find that writing business communications a chore? Do you wonder if they are really read or just tossed into the circular file? As the Word Wizard, I have written numerous articles on how to put magic into business communications. They are now compiled into a 23 page ebook “The Best of the Word Wizard’s Writing Tips” that contains over 75 tips that will help you will learn how to create great attention grabbing headlines, using power words to get your message across, making your documents reader friendly, writing “success stories” that sell for you 24/7 and more!

Here’s just a partial list of the contents:

  • Creating Business Communications That Beg to Be Read
  • Are Your Documents Reader Friendly?
  • How to Write Success Stories That Sell For You 24/7
  • Writing An Attention Grabbing Professional Biography
  • Big Things Come In Small Packages – e-mail signature files that promote you

 Best of all, this advice packed ebook is free!

 Click here to download your copy now!



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