Blog (W)rite! – 10 tips for writing a good blog

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Writing advice
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Writing a blog isn’t difficult. It’s a conversation between you and your readers. Deceptively simple but making it all the more easy to miss producing posts of substance and quality. Like all writing, there are pitfalls to watch for. Here are 10 tips to help you blog (w)rite.

1. Identify your audience and decide what you’re going to say that will make them want to read what you write. Also take into consideration that there are different types of readers and you need to adjust your writing or you will lose them.

2. Decide on the overall purpose of your blog. The clearer you are about your purpose, the more consistently you will deliver messages that are on target.

3. Keep your posts centered on one or two topics. Don’t try to cover everything in one post.

4. Keep your blog posts short and simple. Write succinctly. Words that don’t relate to your topic or add value should be left out. People reading online are usually “scanners”. So get to the point quickly.

5. Keep it lively, make it snappy and snazzy. Write like you talk, using common expressions from speech. For structure, keep in mind the journalist’s rule of 5 W’s in the first paragraph: who, what, when, where and why. 

6. Use a clear but captivating headline. Capture your reader’s attention by making a bold statement. Make it snazzy and use key words.

7. Proof-read for typos and grammatical errors, especially for the gotchas that your word processor won’t detect (there vs their, its vs it’s). You wouldn’t go out of the house with missing a sock, so why publish your spelling mistakes? It shows respect for your readers that you went that extra mile to polish your writing.

8. Try to avoid marketing-speak or jargon or bragging about how great your business is. Aim for a fresh, unique take on your topic. Provide a viewpoint that is heartfelt, and compelling. That will have the potential to help you subtly market yourself and your business.

9. Blogging is about writing. Remember that blogging is not about making sales. Don’t use your blog as only a self-promotion tool. Your blog should provide information and value to your readers. Use the written word effectively and you will have an effective blog which ultimately will make you be seen as a subject expert and draw business to you.

 10. One more time: Blogging is about writing and having something interesting to write about!


Now go and blog (w)rite!

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