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This has nothing to do with writing or language usage but it gave me a chuckle as I started the day:

“At my Garden Club meeting this week, I asked what to do with a Trumpet Honeysuckle I planted last year that still won’t bloom. “Beat it with a broom,” someone said. A few other gardeners agreed. Seems that if you hit the plant with a broom handle, it wants to defend itself so it releases extra energy that makes it bloom. I looked around online and found the same advice with one other suggestion. Beat it at night so the neighbors won’t see. Have Broom, Will Bloom.” – Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound in her 9/13 newsletter. (great marketing advice weekly e-newsletter. If you want to subscribe visit

“The quickest path from knowledge to profit is simple. First, find a system that works. Then take action.”

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound