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Quote of the Week

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Quotes
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“I love being surrounded by books. For me, they’re like art, little pieces of sculpture placed all over the house, reminding me, always, of the power of the written word. Just looking at them brings me the purest kind of joy.”– Oprah, July 2016 issue of the Oprah Magazine


Did you get any great cards for Valentine’s Day? Did your sweetie pen something personal and touching inside? If you did you were lucky. I have a box, a huge box, of these communications that I saved over my lifetime. It has cards, letters, notes and sometimes just a post-it-note written by a person who is no longer alive. But when I go through these items, it’s not so much the content, what they are saying, but the ability to look at their handwriting and feel that they are once again here with me.


Handwriting is personal. No two people have the same script. And so all those penned items contain a little bit of that person, a sort of personal DNA etched in ink. We have become too attached to the ease and speediness of online texting/e-mails, which even though they can linger for an eternity is cyperspace, do not have that personal touch. And you can’t hold them in your hands!


Here is what Oprah wrote in her “What I Know for Sure” column last December:

She loves one of a kind stationary sets then goes on to say that she has received letters not only from important people like Barbara Walters and Nelson Mandela but also from her nieces and cousins.  And all these are saved: “All these words live in a treasure box of letters that I cherish.” “…Words matter. And when they’re written and not just spoken, they last forever.”


So take some time to pen a personal note to someone you love or who you haven’t seen in a while, or who needs some good news today. You never know, that bit of ink on paper might outlive you!

This excerpt appeared in the December 2015 issue of Oprah magazine’s section on gifts that matter:

“…my grandfather Nehemiah’s Talmud, which he brought from Russia. He held the book so many times that there is an imprint of his palm on the cover.

My grandfather died before I could know him, but when I touch that palm print, it feels like I’m taking his hand.” – Mark Nepo

Could you ever say that about a Kindle or a tablet or an iPad?

Let’s wrap up National Poetry Month with some quotes for poets. These quotes come from articles in the April Oprah magazine:

Why Poetry Matters

…it shows us ourselves by illuminating the interior lives of others. One cannot read a poem without being aware of the poet’s voice – whether loud or barely a whisper – speaking across the distances, time and space. Poems offer a form of refuge.

They can comfort us when we grieve or can celebrate joy. And poetry helps us remember – keeping alive the cultural legacy of a people.”
Natasha Trethewey – United States Poet Laureate from 2012 – 2014. 

It’s Not a Test

A peom is not a test. Readers of poetry can’t fail. When you read a poem, you can, if you like, cling stubbornly to a ‘wrong’ answer to the question, What does it mean?

Poems aren’t meant to express what can be expressed in everyday language. Like dreams, they come to offer us strange new experiences, or to remind us of those we thought we’d forgotten. They can be understood in the parts of our brain that appreciate sounds, or smell or the experience of awakening and feeling unaccountably anxious.

…Go out in search of poems you like, that can become yours. What they mean to anyone else is irrelevant. They mean what a leaf blowing across the freeway means. They mean what the open eye of a goldfish looking into your eye means. The limitless pleasures of poetry are yours for the taking.”
Laura Kasischke – 2012 recipient of the National Book Critics Circle Award for Poetry

Great advice: “The limitless pleasures of poetry are yours for the taking.” Don’t forget it throughout the rest of the year!