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Quote of the Week

Posted: February 6, 2018 in Quotes
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“I felt something go inside me, like an old-fashioned TV set being turned off, the picture collapsing to a pinpoint of light before vanishing.” – Adam Green writing in Vogue Nov 2017 about the death of his beloved dog.

“We’re trying to stay within the zip code of the era.” – Rich Talauega as quoted in the June issue of Vogue magazine’s article, Hop to It, about the TV series The Get Down which describes the birth of hip-hop in the Bronx circa 1977.

With all our tablets, Kindles and Nooks, and with magazines and newspapers crying poverty (and reporters being let go) you would think that the question, “Is Print Dead”, a moot one. However, the September 2014 issue of Vogue Magazine (print version that is!) had a very eye opening article about how people are rallying back to good old-fashioned print. In “The Fine Print” Robert Sullivan writes that “Despite the long-trumpeted rise of digital media, a handful of New York women are championing conventional print – be it in the form of magazines, stationery, or good old-fashioned books.” Especially for invites, which are so personal, people are seeking a way to catch the reader’s attention and nothing can do it better than a snail mail one.

The article discusses how Paperless Post, originally started as a means to send beautiful invitations through e-mail, has, gasp, gone to offering non-paperless (ah, a new word!) posts! Alexa Hirschfeld, says “You don’t have to use paper now, so when you do, the medium has more gravity than it used to.”

In 2012 Newsweek folded. Newsweek! A magazine that was around for decades. Indeed, that must have heralded the death of print media. (read my article “Is Print Dead? Newsweek Thinks So!”  written in 2012) However, two years later we are seeing the magazine industry coming alive with the printing of glossy, limited editions, niche magazines. The Vogue article profiles two: Modern Farmer, and Cherry Bombe.

How can a print magazine like Modern Farmer be successful? Ann Marie Gardner, the editor says, “People want something beautiful, and people are tactile.” She also feels that print locks in conversations from social media platforms that would otherwise float away into the ether. And it does help that it targets a niche that is hungry for information in a great visual package.

The other magazine, Cherry Bombe, targets women and food. It is a biannual print magazine that presents mouthwatering photos of food printed on expensive paper stock. Add to that excellent writing and you have a print item that crosses into the artistic.

Small bookstores are also thriving and expanding into other areas of the printed realm. Sarah McNally owns the bookstore McNally Jackson in Manhattan’s Nolita area. She has big plans for an expansion into the print world of lithographs, Risographs, and letterpress posters.

So it turns out that in this second decade of the 21st century print is alive and well. It’s become one of the number of choices we now have when deciding on how to communicate our messages. Many businesses choose to cover all bases, just as Vogue magazine does by publishing both a printed and a digital version each month. Unlike the tagline “Paper or Plastic”, with print you can select one or have both!

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Do you have a way with words? Do you know how to take a mundane phrase and kick it up a notch? It’s really not that hard, it all depends upon the words you choose. The words should paint a picture, they should also be simple everyday words but ones that have “pizzaz”!

Here is an example from an article in the September 2014 issue of Vogue. Writer Nathan Heller sprinkles his article with phrases that make the man he interviewed come alive. Made us delight in reading about him:

“He describes his essential work to me as a ‘gymnastics of seeing’…”

“ ‘I didn’t put on a tie!’ ‘Am I going to be refused?’ No neckwear-natured altercation takes place,…”

“A small group heads to Jimmy’z, a temple of the Riviera dance scene in the seventies that has changed scarcely at all since the salad days of disco.”

From Nathan Heller’s interview with Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquiere

Quote of the week

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Quotes
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“Life tells us to find the big moments. But life happens in the smaller moments. These are the moments that feel like nothing else.” – from an UGG ad in September Vogue magazine

“We’re in the business of luxury, and there is nothing more luxurious than being good to people, being respectful of them.” From an interview in March 2013 Vogue with Phoebe Philo, head fashion designer at Celine.

Many magazines are losing money on their print edition. Some, like Newsweek, have decided to go all digital, others are cutting back on the number of pages, others folding. A few offer both print and online with the online content making special features available to their readers not found in the printed version. Vogue is one such example. However, with the proliferation of tablets and digital readers, many people have become interested in subscribing to only the online versions as it is easier to carry these devices around and they hold more than one magazine. 

I subscribe to a high end glossy magazine for the art & craft of personal adornment. Ornament magazine reports on art clothing, jewelry and the historical backgrounds on both. The issues are full of beautiful photographs, both in the articles and the advertisements. Over the last year they have given the reader the option of subscribing to the digital version. Here are a few letters to the editor regarding the digital version:

“I used to have a paper subscription and I am thrilled to discover you have gone digital. It is cheaper and more quickly received for someone living in France” Claire Bangma, issue 35.4.2012

“…as a child of the 1960’s, I am happier diving into the print version. The photographs in the print version are so wonderful, no screen can do them justice.” Michele Owsley, 35.4.2012

“…I want to cuddle up with Ornament in a comfy chair, with a cookie, a notepad and a Dr. Pepper, not try to read on the computer…” Barbara Ward, 35.5.2012

I for one would not give up my printed version. In fact, I have over 20 years of back issues that I refer to when I need to do research on various ornament topics (or for ideas in creating my own jewelry or clothing). There is nothing like holding those glossy pages, putting stickies with notes on a page, and being able to pull these referenced issues quickly and easily for access.

And I leave you with this comment about going digital:

From Taking the Guilt out of Paper – Sapi Papers

“…carbon footprint of the magazine (National Geographic) is something he (Hans Wegner) can quantify, unlike the impact of the online version…”
“ ‘We don’t know the environmental impact of saving a document on a server for ten years or more’, Wegner says. ‘And we have no idea of the impact of extracting finite resources to make electronic devices that cannot easily be recycled safely and practically’. ”

Paper can be recycled but our landfills are being polluted with our castoff electronics. So which is better: Paper or pixels? Something to think about!