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Quote of the Week

Posted: October 30, 2017 in Quotes
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“The reality of the building does not consist of the roof and walls, but the space within to be lived” – Lao Tzu

Here is the last installment of quotes from Frank J Romano’s book Frank Talk, The Computer Did It 

“Buzzwords are fast food for thought.”

On the topic of “fake news” before the word was coined:

“What happens when artificial intelligence meets artificial reality? National Enquirer.”

The ice is melting in Antarctica. Years before we knew this, Romano wrote:

“Archaeologists have discovered that Antarctica, when viewed from above, has the notation ‘This continent intentionally left blank.’ God may be getting ready for an update.”

“We do need artificial intelligence. There isn’t enough of the real thing.”

Does anything ever change?

“Vignette: As usual I was on an Amtrak train riding from New York to Boston recently and the guy next to me in the Club car had an IBM portable PC which he was clickety-clacking to death. The just when I thought I would get some quiet he whips out a cellular telephone and proceeds to call most of the population in Cleveland.”

I came across this book “Frank Talk, the Computer Did It” by Frank J Romano, as I was cleaning out my bookcase. It was published in 1992 but many of the quotes go back further. Romano used to write for Computer World and Type World. What amazed me, as I went through it, was how some of the topics are quite relevant for today!

So over the next few weeks, I’ll by posting them for you to read and have a good laugh, cry, or cringe:

“I am now at that age where Amtrak runs my train of thought, which is why I lose it so often.”

“A 4,000 year old Bronze Age man was found almost perfectly preserved in an Austrian glacier. He may be the ideal candidate for Director of the CIA, Supreme Court Justice, or Democratic Party presidential nominee.”