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A Thanksgiving Day Poem

Posted: November 17, 2017 in Words and communications

I Thank My Lucky Stars

I thank my lucky stars

That I live in the land of the free.

Where those stars and stripes

Represent what we all can be.

When on Thanksgiving I watch the parade

I recall our forefathers a wise decision made.

I thank my lucky stars

For the Constitution they wrote,

Where our freedoms are listed

Our rights protected with more than hope.

Through the original articles and added amendments

Our nation could remain strong.

They formed the basis of our laws

Over 200 plus years long.

This living document our forefathers foresaw

Could survive dissention and foreign wars,

Presidential assassinations, and civil rights unrest.

With flying colors the Constitution passed the legal test.

I thank my lucky stars

For more than turkey or pie

To live in a country whose charter

Aimed and remains so high.

Quote of the Week

Posted: November 15, 2017 in Quotes
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“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” – Shakespeare

Fun with Words

Posted: November 10, 2017 in Fun with words


If you are an employee at a high-tech firm you might be suffering from:






Quote of the Week

Posted: November 8, 2017 in Quotes
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“I have always imagined paradise will be a kind of library” – Jorge Luis Borges