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Keeping the Flame Alive


Like a beached whale the Oculus sits

Giving entry to the caverns beneath,

Sucking in people on the east perimeter of Ground Zero.

A recent addition to the rebuilding of sacred ground,

The whale yawns and gladly swallows the masses

Who now will shop in its belly’s mall.


The park on the South side

Was an afterthought to the relatively barren

View of the memorial below.

In a space of massive concrete and steel

Some colorful flowers might sooth the soul.

So walk its well-planned space,

Look at the growing things,

Turn and face the other side of what once was.

Can the pain of Ground Zero be that easily shut out?


What have we grown in this precious space?

Could any dreams have visualized what it’s become?

The Pit, became the Pile, became the “empty space”

Now to morph into a jumble of a NYC space

Never envisioned in the architect’s original plans.


Where smoke and fire rose.

Where DNA was smothered in concrete.

Where footprints were left in the dust…

We cannot turn it into the beauty it was before that day.

So remember the lost and keep an eternal flame

For them burning in our hearts.


Remembering 9/11- 15th Anniversary

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9/11 is only a few days away. Do you remember the days and weeks afterwards, where as a nation we came together to pray, to support our first responders, to voice our fears but also our pride in this great country? Do you remember what our president said as he stood on the Pile addressing those brave men and women who were doing a job no one should ever be asked to do. So what have we become 15 years later?

We now listen daily to two presidential candidates who spew such negative rhetoric that it makes me ashamed to consider that one of them will represent our nation. One rattles on with unedited negative comments, while the other carefully Clorox’s the message hoping to sound “above it all”. What I am pointing out has nothing to do with their policies or which one has the best agenda. I am saying that the vitriol these two individuals unleash with their words is poisoning our nation and making us the laughing stock across the globe.

But back to the topic of 9/11 and the 15th anniversary. What we need on that day is to focus on its real meaning. We need to make that day a day of silence from all the verbal junk bombarding us. No speeches, no ads, no person trying to convince me that he/she is the best for the job. From the presidential candidates down to local mayoral races, please take a day off from all this verbal mudslinging. Read what 9/11 family members have to say about this in a very good article “Leading 9/11 Family Members Urge Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Stein to Observe Campaign Moratorium for 15th Anniversary of the September 11 Attacks”

We should join together on this Sept 11 and follow David Paine’s advice (president and co-founder of 9/11 Day):  “We believe the 9/11 community, along with the nation, deserves a day of peace and unity, as we collectively prepare to honor those lost on 9/11, the survivors, and the many who rose in service in response to the attacks.”

9/11 Day has also enlisted a group of 21 youth ambassadors who were born on the that day and are now almost 15 years old, to help spread the word to the next generation of Americans through social media.  “Nearly a quarter of all Americans today are under age 18, and most have no or very limited memories of the attacks and their immediate aftermath,” said Jay S. Winuk, executive vice president and co-founder of 9/11 Day. Click here to read the rest of the article.

So let us focus on the real meaning of that day: To keep those who are not with us forever in our hearts!

National Poetry Month has arrived and these last 2 weeks are filled with lots of poetry related activities:

  • My special art project “Poetry for the Body” where I wrote poetry based upon individual pieces of jewelry I created are now premiered on my website. Click here to view the page. Image below is from the series.
  • Readings of my poetry. I will be at a number of venues week of April 18 & 25. Click here for the complete listing.
  • My workshop on writing poetry, themed “How poetry can uplift your life” April 21, 2016 from 7 –8 PM at the Garwood Library, 411 Third Ave, Garwood, NJ where I will kick off the evening reading some of my poetry. A discussion about poetry will follow. Everyone will have an opportunity to read a poem (your own or one of your favorites) (free, no RSVP needed)


The power of one word

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“A rose by any other name is still a rose.” Is it? Well, a tree with lights is not a Christmas tree or it’s not a holiday tree! Roselle Park NJ’s mayor created a real tempest in a teapot when he proposed an ordinance to rename the “holiday” tree lighting ceremony to the “Christmas” tree lighting ceremony. The council passed it but only after one member resigned feeling it was religious and tree lightings should remain non-sectarian. (She took back her resignation later).

Most towns call it simply a “tree lighting” ceremony or a “Holiday Tree” lighting ceremony. Those towns that have Menorahs, and Kwanza symbols do use it as the Christian symbol.  Are we taking political correctness to extremes (aka the controversy over a coffee cup from Star Bucks vs one from Dunkin Donuts) or would the non-Christian residents of the town feel offended (They had no say in this Mayor’s decision)?

So how do you feel about the naming of a town’s tree? Should we keep “Christ in Christmas” or “Pull the plug” (pun intended) on all religious references during this HOLIDAY season?

Tommy Hilfiger has designed a stylish jacket that can recharge iPads, iPhones, and cell phones. It has on the back 10 solar panels and a pocket to hold the plugged in item. This limited edition blue and tartan jacket retails for $599. (and the solar panel back looks way high tech and cool!) Now if only they could fit the solar panels on a bikini for summer use!

(article appeared in the October 2014 issue of Marie Claire)


Fun With Language

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Do words really mean anything anymore?


cartoon for May 2014

Quote of the Week

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“Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.” – George Iles